March N&E Neighborhood Council Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, March 28, 2018
7:00 PM Richmond Room (Inside Richmond Works) 330 25th Street
Please use entrance on Civic Center Street   See attached map

Welcome, Introductions Jan Mignone 8/0
Reports of Officers: Jon Johnsen, Vice President 1/0
Nancy Aron, Co-Secretary 1/0
Vacant, Co-Secretary 0/0
Richard Brabham, Treasurer 3/0
Jan Mignone, President 1/0
Code Enforcement Renee Sousa 15/15
Beat Officer Officer Joe DeOrian 10/5
The Factory Bar Marcus Hibser 10/5
RNCC Jan Mignone 5/0
Shoes That Fit Bessanderson McNeill 7/3

Adjourn: 8:30 PM
Approximate Total Time 90 Minutes
Above times is a working framework only; the decision to extend any item can be made by a vote of the members present.


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