November N&E Council Meeting

Wednesday is the last N&E meeting of 2012. We will have Patrick Davis from Grocery Outlet to tell us about what may be happening at the old Albertsons’ location at Macdonald Ave and San Pablo Ave. We will also be telling you about a health initiative meeting that the City is having on Thursday. Officer Colbacchini will be there to tell us about the crime in our neighborhood and what we can do to make it a safer place to live. This may be her last meeting since the police department moves officers around each year.

Come and voice your opinion and let us know what you think will make this a better city and neighborhood.

Welcome, Introductions              Jan Mignone                                             2/0


Reports of Officers                       Rebecca Auerbach, Vice President       2/0

                                                          Sara Tanenhaus, Secretary                    2/0

                                                          Maeve Bergman, Treasurer                    2/0

                                                          Jan Mignone, President                          5/5


Beat Officer                                    Officer Giulia Colbacchini                        8/7


Grocery Outlet                               Patrick Davis                                           10/5


Shoes That Fit                               Bessanderson McNeil                             5/0


Crime Prevention                          Jim Miller                                                   3/0


Richmond Tree Team                             Teri Katz                                                    3/2


RNCC Report                                 Sandi Genser-Maack                               5/0


N&E Picnic Committee                Sara Tanenhaus                                                5/0


City Council Liaison                     Corky Boozé                                             5/0

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