N&E Neighborhood Council Meeting

Wednesday October 22, 2014
7:00 PM
Richmond Senior Center
2525 Macdonald Ave

Welcome, Introductions                        Jan Mignone

Reports of Officers                                Renate Siman, Vice President                                                                                                                  Nancy Lewis, Co-Secretary                                                                                                                     Sue Rattray, Co-Secretary                                                                                                                       Richard Brabham, Treasurer                                                                                                                   Jan Mignone, President

Beat Officers                                         Officers Rogers &  Llamas

BART                                                     Director Z. Mallett

RNCC Report                                         Sandi Genser-Maack

Shoes That Fit                                        Bess Anderson McNeil

Open Forum                                           Members

Adjourn: 8:30PM
Approximate Total Time 90 Minutes

Above times is a working framework only; decision to extend any item can be made by a vote of the members present.

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