September North & East Neighborhood Council Meeting Agenda

Wednesday September 23, 2015
7:00 PM 

Richmond Auditorium Either the Bermuda Room or the Lobby
403 Civic Center Plaza

Welcome, Introductions Jan Mignone 3/0
Reports of Officers: Jon Johnsen, Vice President 1/0
Nancy Aron, Co-Secretary 1/0
Vacant, Co-Secretary 1/0
Richard Brabham, Treasurer 3/0
Jan Mignone, President 1/0
Beat Officers Officer Finley 10/5
City of Richmond Mayor Tom Butt 20/20
RNCC Report Sandi Genser-Maack 10/0
Picnic Update Sigurd (Sandy) Szerlip 5/0
Shoes that Fit Bessanderson McNeil 5/0
Members Forum N&E N&E Members 5/0

Adjourn: 8:30 PM

Approximate Total Time 90 Minutes

Above times is a working framework only; decision to extend any item can be made by a vote of the members present.

Fire Chief Adrian Sheppard will be our speaker in October.

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