A Tribute to Officer Bradley Alan Moody

June 27, 1979 – October 7, 2008

Photo courtesy of Chris Tallerico

Photo courtesy of Chris Tallerico

On the morning of October 4, 2008 our community lost one of its finest.  Richmond K-9 Police Officer Bradley Alan Moody was responding to a call for assistance during the season’s first rain when his patrol car skidded and struck a utility pole. Tragically, Brad Moody suffered un-survivable injuries and passed away on October 7, 2008.  His canine partner Rico fortunately suffered only minor injuries and was released into the care of the Moody family.

The residents of Richmond’s many neighborhoods knew Brad as a friendly, fair-minded, and hard working member of our police department.  With his wide grin and huge dog, often referred to as the “department horse”, North & East residents knew him well and greatly enjoyed the canine demonstrations at the annual neighborhood picnic.

Brad’s work ethic and commitment to the community were exemplary.  He earned the respect of residents and delighted school children with Rico’s performances.  Command staff lauded Brad’s commitment to police work as unparalleled and his colleagues held him in the highest regard.

Brad was so well regarded that a makeshift memorial was erected in his primary beat, the Iron Triangle.  On it were left the heartfelt condolences of innumerable community members whose lives Brad had touched, including expressions of respect and support from many gang members and dealers who Brad had arrested during his distinguished career.

As a final testament to his character, Brad’s decision to be an organ donor saved the life of another individual who had less than 24 hours to live.

Brad was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and was raised in Vacaville, California.  He graduated from the 143rd Basic Police Academy in December 2000, with the special recognitions of “Top Athlete”, “Top Marksman” and “Overall No. 1” in his class.  He was sworn in as a Richmond Police Officer on February 26, 2001.  He soon met Susan, the Richmond police dispatcher who would become his wife, and developed a reputation for top notch police work with his partner Det. David Funk.

Brad went on to join the SWAT Team and the Canine Unit where he continued to excel. To honor him, SWAT members now wear tan boots, his personal preference, and their response vehicle is informally named the “Brad-ley Fighting Vehicle.”  The Richmond Police Department continues to grieve deeply for their fallen comrade.

Brad is survived by his wife Susan and two young daughters Madison and Emma.  They were blessed to have Rico as part of their family until he too passed on. It is an absolute tragedy that this young family, that had so many years to look forward to, must now make a life without Brad. Five years later, the wound is still deep and the healing is slow but the family is surrounded by loving friends and colleagues who provide selfless and unwavering support to Susan and the children.

We, the residents of the North & East neighborhood, offer our greatest respect and appreciation to the Moody family and the Richmond Police Department.  We hope that all Richmond residents will join us in giving their profound appreciation for Brad’s service and sacrifice, and we continue to hold his family in our thoughts.


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