San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan

San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan

August 13, 2009 – Community Meeting, 7-9 pm El Cerrito City Council Chambers

The City of El Cerrito is committed to re-investing in the Avenue by making public improvements, ensuring high quality design for new developments and creating a vision for the future of the Avenue. For more information about the San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan and upcoming meetings, contact the El Cerrito Community Development Department at 215-4380.

San Pablo Avenue is El Cerrito’s “Main Street.” It is our front door and the major commercial corridor for our residents and businesses. While most people probably think that the Avenue from north of the Del Norte area, to the Plaza is wholly an El Cerrito roadway, in fact many of the properties within that area that front on the Avenue, actually are in the City of Richmond.

The Avenue provides a major resource and opportunity for El Cerrito. However, due to the irregular city boundaries, different general plans, zoning and land uses between the two cities, planning and revitalization along the Avenue has been a long standing challenge.

What is a Specific Plan?
A Specific Plan is a proactive and progressive planning tool through which the cities of El Cerrito and Richmond will be able to create a long-range vision, development framework and implementation measures for economic development and improvements along San Pablo Avenue. The Specific Plan will provide the cities, developers and the community with a user friendly, single document, detailed guide for all future land use and design along the corridor.

El Cerrito’s General Plan recognized that challenge. It stated “these conditions will require a cooperative effort with the City of Richmond to create an attractive and unified visual character.”

In March 2007, the consulting firm of Moore Iacofano Goltsman, or MIG, was chosen to lead the Specific Plan process and create a Plan that encapsulates the common visions, goals, and standards to implement the vision that both cities have for San Pablo Avenue.

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