Community Rebuilds Wendell Park

March 17, 2017 more than 200 community volunteers, Target employees and city workers built a new playground and other amenities at Wendell Park on 26th Street and Wendell Avenue. The park received new trees, art, planters, a new structure, a new sign and message board. Friends of Wendell Park received a grant from KaBOOM, Target, and other groups. Target brought 200 employees. Following a prep day, volunteers built the park in 6 hour!

“Serving alongside corporate and community volunteers who are ensuring children and families have a safe and vibrant park is an amazing experience,” said Bill Lindsay, Richmond city manager.  “I learned today that many of the community volunteers played at this park when they were kids. I know this new playground and other park enhancements will create new memories for generations to come.”

“They mixed and poured thousands of pounds of concrete and moved enough safety surfacing to cover more than nine NBA-sized basketball courts,” according to a statement by the city.