Public Services

The following are frequently used Public Services and the contact information.  If the listing is no longer correct, please inform us and check the City of Richmond website for further information.  Using the online COR-Connect tool to report a problem is often the quickest way to get results.

Public Works and Utilities

Street Lights – Metal Poles 510-321-3010
Street Lights – Wood Poles (PG&E) 800-743-5000
Street Signs and Lines (DPW) 510-231-3026
Litter and Weeds in the Streets (DPW Abatement) 510-231-3030
Street Sweeping (DPW) 510-231-3030
Electrical Outages (PG&E) 800-743-5002
Potholes (DPW Pavement Maintenance) 510-231-3083
Sewer Problem (Veolia Water) 510-412-2001
Report graffiti 510-231-3010
City tree planting or issues (Parks Division) 510-231-3004
Water service or broken main (EBMUD) 866-403-2683
Traffic Signals (DPW Electrical Shop) 510-231-3033
Garbage and recycling service (Richmond Sanitary) 510-262-1600
Illegal dumping (not active) 510-231-3043

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