Local Organizations

Neighborhood Councils (Click here for map)
Richmond Neighborhood Coordinating Council (RNCC) A forum for all neighborhood councils to exchange ideas and pool resources.
Richmond Heights East of the N&E.  (Rock Brown – President)
Metro-Richmore Village Southwest of the N&E. (John Wood – President)
Pullman South of the N&E. (Naomi Williams – President)
Park Plaza Southeast of the N&E. (Barbara Johnson – President)
Belding Woods West of the N&E. (A.J. Jelani – Acting President)
Political Groups
TRAC Trails For Richmond Action Committee.  The group to thank as you enjoy our Bay Trail.
Richmond Greens Local Green Party chapter.
Richmond Improvement Assoc. A faith-based local community organizing group.
Richmond BPAC Richmond Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee

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