Forums and Yahoo Group

Many residents of the North & East are members of the online “North and East News” Yahoo Group.  Not affiliated with the Council, this forum serves as as real-time neighborhood resource for all kinds of topics and is often the best place to get neighborhood news quickly.  In order to become a member you must have, or create, a free Yahoo account.  The forum is for N&E residents and select City officials only; members are asked to provide their name and address when registering so this can be verified.

Click to join North_and_East_News

Click to join North_and_East_News


1.  Click the link above.

2.  Enter your current Yahoo ID and password, or create one if you don’t have one.

3.  Click the Sign-In button and a Join This Group screen will appear.

4.  In the Comment To Owner box enter your full name and street address for verification by the N&E News moderator (Michael J).  This is required from all members to confirm that they are N&E residents.

5.  Wait until you get a confirmation email from the moderator.

6.  Once you’re approved, visit the website (link above) and go to Account Settings.  Enter the email address you want messages from this group to go to.

  • Select Daily Digest if you prefer to receive all the messages in a single (or several, depending on volume) message.
  • Select Web Only if you just want to read the Group online and not receive any emails.





And you can also find many of your neighbors on the North & East Facebook Group!


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